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we care about your care...

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care, tailoring our award-winning range of services to your needs. We feature priority links to GPs, consultants, pharmacies, occupational health: i.e. physiotherapy, acupuncture and beyond. The Home’s estate is made up of beautiful properties, created or converted by top designers, some of whom have been on television.  Stunning lawns, lovely meeting rooms, swimming facilities, en suite rooms, designed with one person in mind - you!

At The Home, we believe an active body is a healthy body, so we provide plenty of fantastic activities for our residents, from animal petting to chair-based Zumba™.



The Home offers one other unique feature. How can you know what it will be liked to have all your care needs provided for you? The Home welcomes you to a three-day Taster Stay at one of our award-winning homes.  Several of our facilities have been adapted to welcome up to 30 Taster Residents for a durational stay, so you can see exactly why you should be signing on our dotted line, to allow us the privilege of providing your ongoing care needs moving forward.

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