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The Home: Our concept, Our care: Your home

When you are thinking of yourself or your loved one coming to live with us, then we start tailoring everything around your needs.  By the time you move in, you will have a Personal Entertainment Plan, a Personal Integrated Plan and a Personal Understanding Plan, to cover your creative, care and counselling needs respectively.  This industry-leading package of PEP, PIP and PUP is the basis of every minute of every day at The Home. Sit back and let us take care of you.


The Home is unique in the care home provision industry because we operate our own range of private finance options tailored directly to you. Partnering with the best insurance and hedge fund investment companies in the business, we are in a position to make paying for care simpler, less frightening, and easy to manage.  Our the sooner you start paying into your care pot, the more benefits you get out of it.  It’s never too early to start.  We offer plain-speaking, jargon-free financial planning advice, regulated by the FCA, the CIU and with all mitigations subject to parsing from government-approved bodies.  

We have stunning locations​ all across London's capital, offering the opportunity to give a level of opulent, intimate, homely luxury, with mostly private rooms offset with ensuite rooms available. The Home has recently partnered with care provider SUPERIOR, with their range of locations around the UK and beyond. The Home is probably on a street near you. Use our search tools to find your nearest facility.