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supported independence of living created especially for you, our customer and client, by us.

what is The Home?

The Home is your home. Your home from home. It’s also a proudly UK-based chain of residential care facilities located all across the four parts of Great Britain, with the exception of Wales. Our homes offer a range of levels of care to make sure that you or your loved one, has all their needs met. Award-winning, highly rated on all the care home review sites, we are proud of our reputation. We have never been subject to an undercover expose by TV journalists and we are confident that will remain the case. Please browse our website, The Home could be the perfect home away from home for you or your loved one.

“I’m 56 and am delighted to have left my large house to come and live here to be looked after.  I don’t feel that my life is over - I think it’s just begun!”  


Joolz, Brighton branch of The Home

“Neglect, smelly corridors, disinterested staff.  If that’s what you think it’s like living in a care home, then you need to come and see The Home!  My kids call it The Hotel.  And they’re right!  

Joe, Barnes branch of The Home

“Peace of mind is worth more than money.  I’m so happy to have signed up for the insurance policy provided by The Home.  A small monthly sum, and I never need to lie awake worrying about what life is going to be like in 40 years or so when I might need round the clock care”  

Emily Falkirk

“I used to dread old age.  Since I’ve moved into The Home, I’ve realised it’s a brand new age!” 

Tom, Gloucester branch of The Home




The Home offers one other unique feature. How can you know what it will be liked to have all your care needs provided for you? The Home welcomes you to a three-day Taster Stay at one of our award-winning homes.  Several of our facilities have been adapted to welcome up to 30 Taster Residents for a durational stay, so you can see exactly why you should be signing on our dotted line, to allow us the privilege of providing your ongoing care needs moving forward.

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